Balboa Park Engagement Photos : Jillian & Tayor

Jillian & Taylor

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

Jillian and Taylor’s Balboa Park engagement photos were captured on such an amazing day.  This amazing couple is in so much love with each other made my job truly easy to do.  Balboa park is one of my favorite locations in San Diego fo engagement photos.  There are so many different spots throughout the area to show off.  While we wandered through the stunning history of Balboa I loved getting to know Jillian and Taylor so much more.

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

This adorable couple is having their wedding in Tuscany Italy this coming July.  I can not wait to travel with these two amazing people and capture images show their love is such a historic place.

Written by the couple about their love story!

We met in the way most millennial way – on social media. I am a self proclaimed Instagram stalker and found myself down some sort of rabbit hole that led me to Taylor’s profile. I started looking through the pictures he had posted and accidentally liked one! After that he started following me and I followed him back. Nothing really happened until one day he commented on my picture that I posted and said that I was cute. I replied with a simple “thank you” (which apparently impressed him), and after a few comments back and forth he decided to DM me. A few DMs back and forth led to exchanging phone numbers so we could text.  Texts then led to phone calls, which let to Skype dates.  Then after 3 months we had our first in person date!

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

Our first date was in Albany, Georgia. We were both living on opposite coasts, and when I went to visit my best friend during the summer, Taylor decided to take the 8 hour drive from Wilmington to see me. He picked me up from her parents’ house with a bouquet of roses and took me to a local Italian restaurant. We both had talked about Italian being our favorite type of food and thought it would be a perfect first date meal. Afterwards, we went to my friend’s house and watched Bruce Almighty (one of Taylor’s favorites) together. I don’t think either of us were nervous, just excited to finally be able to spend time together in person, instead of doing our weekly “coffee dates” over Skype.

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

How Taylor proposed…

Taylor proposed on Christmas! His family was in town for the Holidays and everyone was at my mom’s house on Christmas morning opening presents. I opened my gift from Taylor, and despite it being a giant gift bag (which Taylor made a huge show of it being super heavy) it was surprisingly light. I wasn’t at all suspicious and excitedly tore through the bag and found a pair of fuzzy socks (which is what I told him I had wanted)!

He told me to keep digging through the bag because there was more in there.  I found a picture frame with a note in it. The note was my first clue towards finding my real “prize”. After a short scavenger hunt around my mom’s house, I came back to the living room where Taylor was standing with an open ring box. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I obviously said yes and excitedly put my ring on.

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