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With the day and age of everything being nonstop, it seems so easy to be weighed down with everything that we have to get done in the day.  I know that I have personally struggled many times with feeling like there is no way that I can get everything done in one day that I need to.  I start spinning and just can’t seem to get off the roller coaster of life that controls so many of us.  It is so possible to lose focus on what is important in life and focus solely on the task in front of us and nothing more.  Then I take a moment and I look around and see I am doing all the wrong things and I have lost sight of the reason I do what I do.

I am a wife, mother, and Christian first.  I love my family and they give me the joy to do what I do.

I am a photographer to capture the joy in events for my clients.  I am there to capture memories and emotions of the day for all the people who have honored me to be their photographer.  The difficultly becomes as a photographer I spend hours behind the lens capturing events for my clients and even more time behind the computer editing them that so often I forget to pick up my camera and capture the pure joy I have running around my house.  My wonderful daughter gives me the joy I have to do everything I do, she is my inspiration and I just need to take the time to capture it.

For so many of us we are tired after work and we come home and forget to capture those little smiles, the running through the yard, playing with their pets and really just any of the small moments that go on everyday around us.  Hannah loves to be photographed and now that I am trying to make a point and going out and capturing her being her I am finding my inspiration renewed, a desire to capture all of the emotion that is around me.

Finding your joy as a photographer might be something as simple as going to a museum and then trying to recreate the beauty that you saw, might be watching new life come into the world.  Do whatever you need to do to find what gives you joy, for whatever the reason you do what you do without joy and happiness in your life one day you will burn out.

Marc Anthony once said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I would like to add to that though because you can do what you love so much that it becomes work because you have lost inspiration and joy for why you do it.  You have to constantly renew your joy and inspiration in your life to make sure you are happy.

I am so very thankful for my amazing husband, beautiful daughter and my faith in Christ.  I have a renewed joy and passion every time I get five seconds with the amazing smile of my daughter.  Below are some images from our last “play” session, Hannah loves to be in front of the camera so she can be a little bit of a ham, but what I love about these is not that she is wearing the perfect dress or hair is done amazing (which neither is true) but that simply she is my little girl and I can see her and her personality in every one of these images.

Now go out and find your joy!  Leave a comment telling me how you find your joy and stay focused!

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