On our way to Rome

Day One – Saturday June 30th

On Our way to Rome…

On our way to Rome…Woke up early to do some last-minute cleaning.  Why is it that our house is always the cleanest right before you leave for vacation?  Oh well…..

After many reorganizations and repacks we finally have one month of supplies in one bag and now its off to Italy!!

Erik and Cathy (Kirstin’s parents) took us to the Metro in Rialto.  Let me tell you it is much easier to take the train to LAX than to drive.  Traffic was stacked up as usual but it is nice to sail right by.  It was hard to say good-bye to Hannah (tears were shed) but she will have a good time with grandparents.

On our way to Rome

Half way there to the flight…

We arrived at Union Station and got immediately on the FlyAway bus (back in traffic but at least I’m not driving).  Another repack to distribute some weight and off to security which thankfully was not that long.  I got my bag pulled for extra inspection.  We thought it might be Kirstin’s camera batteries that caused concern but it was actually our stack of Rick Steves books that the scanner couldn’t see through.  Thanks Rick….

We arrived at the gate with 3 hours to spare so we had a nice dinner at PF Chang’s (with a delicious turtle cheesecake, split of course).  We had to walk quite a way to get to our gate and then they had to bus us to the plane.  I’ve never been bused to a plane so that was new.

On the plane in the bulkhead (extra legroom) and settle in for the long (overnight) flight.  The flight was boring and uneventful which means it was a nice and smooth flight.  The food was actually ok but definitely not F.T.D.I. (those of you following Kiristin’s weight loss will know that this has been our eating plan for months).  

Nine hours later we arrive in London for a connecting flight.  This was my first time to England and I only saw the airport (maybe next time I might step outside).  We board our final leg to Rome on a MUCH smaller plane and the flight attendant told a few jokes in Italian so we stood out.

The whole story will be posted through the Personal category if you are looking for a specific location!

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