Prospect Park Engagement Session : Yeon & Joe

Prospect Park engagement session

Yeon and Joe’s Prospect park engagement session was the perfect location for their photos. They wanted something natural, with a lack of people and something unique. All of these requirements were met at this cute little park in Redlands CA. We enjoyed spending the evening walking around this park and just enjoying this part of their journey.

Prospect Park engagement session

One of the stunning things about Prospect park is that it is the home of the beautiful Kimberly Crest. While we walked around Prospect Park we had a stunning view of the valley and of the Kimberly Crest. I greatly enjoyed capturing their story and I can not wait to capture their upcoming wedding!

Kimberly Crest
Prospect Park engagement session

Written by the couple:

How did you both meet? We met at his brother’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid and he was the best man. That whole night I barely saw or spoke to him. After we started dating, he told me that he was avoiding me because he thought I was “out of his league.” Little did he know I was hoping the whole time that he would talk to me more.

What is something that you each find total cute about the other? I love the silly faces she makes, her cute dance moves, and how she only knows the first few words of any song. I love everything about him! His funny and cute faces and mannerisms are my fave!

Prospect Park engagement session
A little about their story!

Tell us about your first date. What did you do and were you nervous? Before our first date, we had hung out with each other many times but only in groups. Still, we both were a little nervous (him more than I). On our first date, he surprised me with 3 mini cakes to celebrate 3 important occasions occurring in my life, and he sang happy birthday to me in the restaurant. After dinner he took me to our first escape room ever where we solved an hour long mystery together. We had so much fun that we ended up doing another one that same night . It was a sweet, fun and memorable night that we will both never forget.

hazy kiss photo at Prospect park
hazy images and laughter the perfect combination
Prospect Park engagement session the moment before the kiss

What’s the proposal story? Our first date was at an Escape Room. We were both very nervous that we wouldn’t escape, but luckily we did! Fast forward several months. One weekend, a group of friends suggested going to an Escape Room for a friend’s birthday. Just after we escaped, Joe proposed to me. It was so unexpected, I thought we had walked in on someone else’s party! There were lights, balloons, pictures strung up highlighting our relationship, and some of our closest friends. It was the best surprise ever!

Black and white kiss image with hazy light
Orange tree grove at Prospect Park
Dramatic image with valley in the background

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