We finally made it to Rome

Day 2 – Sunday July 1st

We finally made it to Rome

We finally made it to Rome at 9:00pm (Rome time) which is around noon back home.  Now we have been up (and in the same clothes) for 30 hours.  We are tired.  It’s not quite over as the passport control line has one line for everyone!  It was quite long and we had some anxious time trying to contact our driver taking us to our hotel not to leave. 

Funny story:  We get up to the passport booth and the line attendant tells us to go to booth 15.  The sign says CLOSED (in English was a big red X) we double-check and she points to the line so OK.  We get to the guard and he says he is closed (he is standing up with his keys in hand) we motion that we were sent to him and he sighs opens our passports, stamps them, and says “Bye”.  That was our security check to get into Italy.  Let’s hear it for Italian efficiency.

We find our driver and are thankful he is still there.  It is now after 11pm and all the trains to the city have stopped so we would have been really stuck if he had left.  We had a nice drive to our hotel through the heart of Rome (it looks like any other city at night).

We finally made it to Rome

We made it to the hotel!

Our hotel is in a nondescript building by the Termini train station.  If we didn’t know it was there, we would have walked right by it.  Up four flights of stairs with all of our gear.  They had an elevator but I am positive that it was built by Hadrian or Trajan…. it was old.

Check in to our room nice room with vaulted ceilings so that the heat was not an issue.  Since it was late the only place that was open to get a bite to eat were the local bars.  We found a cafe right by our hotel that was still open and had our first slice of Roman pizza! Off to bed as we had been up for way too long and we were excited to get going for our first full day of our Italian adventure!

We finally made it to Rome

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